8 Steps To Financial Freedom App Reviews

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Regaurdless if it's ligitimate information or not, it was fun to read.

Idiocracy in the app

Do not take this guys advice. He says don't pay your mortgage, buy more silver. What an idiot. Mr. Obama is not going to pay off your debt. He will not put food on your table. And he will not get you off your couch and into a 100,000 dollar a year job. Only you can help you. Save some money to survive; get out of debt and stay out; save more money to live in case things get worse; payoff your home or save to buy one; plan for your families financial future; BUILD WEALTH. You have to work to get paid. See Dave Ramsey. He's got it figured out. Live like no one else.


Maniacle banter. Ted Kaczynski wants his job back.


I don't normally write reviews, but this app is a poorly written, vague and generally useless diatribe about how inflation is going to rob you of your money that you deserve; and that you should "get a gun" and stash your silver in your safe. Keen. I read the whole thing out of curiosity because I always read things involving finances but I gotta tell you to not bother with this nonsense.


Great advice. At least read over it.

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